MATICA (XID 8100) YMCK Ribbon

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MATICA XID 8100 Printer requires two ribbons to transfer the image. The YMCK ribbon is designed for Retransfer technology and must be used with a Film ribbon.

MATICA XID 8100 YMCK Colour Ribbon (1000 images)

High definition colour printing for secure IDs

The chromXpert® YMCK ribbon is developed and harmonized for use with Matica’s XID 8100 printer and consists of:

Three full size dye sublimation colour panels (Yellow, Magenta and Cyan)
One full size thermal transfer resin panel (K-Black)

ChromaXpert ribbons deliver exceptional colour and durability for your ID cards.

• Vivid Colours: They produce a wide range of colours (up to 16.7 million) using yellow, magenta, and cyan panels.
• Sharp Text and Barcodes: A separate Black (K) panel ensures crisp printing for text and barcodes.
• Retransfer Printing: This method uses the Y, M, C, and K panels to print on a clear film, then transfers it to the card surface. This allows for consistent printing on various card types, including PC, PET, smart cards with chips, and even cards with uneven surfaces.

Printer warranty subject to the use of chromXpert® ribbons.






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