MATICA (XID 8100) Retransfer Film (1000 Prints)

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MATICA XID 8100 Printer requires two ribbons to transfer the image. The YMCK ribbon is designed for Retransfer technology and must be used with a Film ribbon.

MATICA XID 8100 Retransfer Film (1000 images)

Superior print performance for highly secure card applications

The chromXpert® RT ribbon is developed and harmonized for use with Matica’s MC660 printer and consists of:

Matica’s innovative retransfer printing goes beyond traditional methods to create stunning IDs. Unlike direct-to-card printing, this technology uses an indirect approach for exceptional results.

Here’s how it works:
Matica Retransfer printers use two ribbons the XID 8100 RT film & XID 8100 YMCK: It can print vivid colours on various plastic card surfaces, including PVC, PC, ABS, and PET. This allows for high-quality printing even on cards with embedded chips (smart cards). The process involves selectively heating the colour panels of the dye-based XID 8100 YMCK Ribbon and infuses the colour into the surface of the transparent XID 8100 RT film. Once the image is complete on the receiving film it is heat sealed onto the surface of the plastic card, this process is ideal when using cards with irregular surfaces such as embedded smart chips.

Balancing Security and Performance:
• High-security printing with outstanding performance
• Durable and secure card printing with superior quality
• Advanced printing solutions for secure and reliable IDs

Printer warranty subject to the use of chromXpert® ribbons.






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