Our Environmental Responsibility


We are committed to minimising our effect on the environment. Through continuous refinement in the way we print and manufacture, we not only comply with relevant environmental legislation but actively seek ways to improve and to safeguard against an adverse environmental impact. We are now members of The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) to partner in finding better recycling options for both scrap, waste and recovered PVC from our production process.

Although we print on virgin PVC sheets to ensure perfect print quality, we have recycled core sheets which we use for some of our cards consisting of >50% recycled PVC. Please ask us for details.

Recycling and waste reduction

  • Reclaiming production material waste by regularly recycling PVC, aluminum plate and cardboard scrap.
  • By investing in cleaner production technologies such as our 3 KBA-Metronic Genius 52UV printing presses.
  • The new printing technology also allows for faster “running in” time meaning less material wastage for setting up each print job which results in less waste.
  • Reducing internal paper usage by using as much digital communication techniques as possible.
  • Our used hydraulic oil is collected and stored for responsible recycling.

Energy Efficiency

  • Installation of energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Installation of new more energy efficient air conditioning units and air filtration systems.
  • Upgrading our compressed air system to minimise pressure losses by repairing distribution leaks, installing more efficient filters, and point of use tanks for air storage.
  • Ducting waste heat from air compressors and chillers into the plant during winter months.
  • We regularly adjust our laminating recipe to accommodate the external weather temperature benefits as much as possible.  While it may increase manufacturing time the net effect is lower energy consumption.

Maintaining Clean Air and Water

  • Using items like our three KBA-Metronic Genius 52UV presses we have achieved massive savings in the amount of evaporative chemical cleaning fluids for the printing process.
  • Minimizing water used/wasted by installing a reverse osmosis water processing system that supplies water to a fountain solution tank that feeds each printing press.
  • Installation of a more efficient lamination and punching systems.
  • Maintaining clean air by ensuring proper hazardous chemical disposal and replacement.


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