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To keep your printer in good shape, use Evolis Cleaning Kits regularly. They have different tools for different parts of the printer.


Evolis High Trust® | Agilia Printer Cleaning

ACL002 Advanced Cleaning Kit




Maintain Peak Performance and Protect Your Investment with Evolis High Trust® Cleaning Kits:

Why cleaning matters:

  • Preventative maintenance: Evolis High Trust® Plastic card printers require regular cleaning due to the static charge cards can hold, attracting dust and dirt. Consistent cleaning is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your printer.
  • Warranty protection: The warranty on your Evolis printer’s print head is directly linked to routine cleaning. Neglecting these cleaning procedures can void the warranty, leaving you responsible for potential repair costs.

Evolis High Trust® Cleaning Kits:

  • Comprehensive cleaning solution: These kits are designed specifically for Evolis printers and include various tools for cleaning different printer components:
    • Print head
    • Cleaning rollers
    • Transport rollers
    • Laminator
    • Printer body
  • Ensured compatibility and effectiveness: Using genuine Evolis cleaning kits guarantees compatibility with your printer and ensures optimal cleaning results, protecting your investment and maintaining printing quality.

Invest in Evolis High Trust® Cleaning Kits and experience the benefits of:

  • Flawless printing performance
  • Extended printer lifespan
  • Uninterrupted productivity
  • Valid warranty coverage

Maintain your Evolis printer in top condition and enjoy exceptional printing results for years to come.



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