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eMedia CS2 – The best ID card software to customize your cards, no more broken or lost dongle, License activation can be performed 24/7.

eMedia CS2The best ID card software to customize your cards

The eMedia CS2 Standard or Professional version provides a delightful experience in card creation and printing. It boasts a smoother operation, more intuitive controls, and a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process.

eMedia CS2 allows you to design, create and print with a simple mouse click.

Compatible with ALL printer brands, such as:

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eMedia CS2 is the leading software for ID card design. It offers a user-friendly interface for designing and editing cards. You can enhance your cards with text, images, barcodes, QR codes, and shapes. eMedia CS2 also allows you to read and update data in your database. Additionally, you can import photos from your digital camera, webcam, or a folder from your computer.

What you can do with eMedia

  • Identification badges
  • Security and Access Control badges
  • Transit passes
  • Membership cards
  • Customer Loyalty cards
  • Bank and Payment cards
  • Official Documents
Over the years, through collaboration with various individuals in the card market, we have honed features that deliver a comprehensive and distinctive experience.

Download Features

Download eMedia CS2 Software

The software allows you to utilize the features of the Standard Edition for 15 days before requiring a License Key.


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