So what’s the big deal about fake MIFARE RFID cards?

Understanding the Issue with Fake MIFARE® Cards.

You’ve likely encountered emails offering MIFARE cards at unbelievably low prices, often sourced directly from China. A simple inquiry into these offers reveals extremely cheap prices on RFID cards, tags, and inlays. However, a more detailed investigation often uncovers that these “fantastic” deals are for counterfeit, low-quality imitations of genuine NXP MIFARE® or similar chips.

Why Does This Matter?

What’s the harm in a bargain? Unfortunately, the impact of using fake MIFARE products is significant and far-reaching.

Security Risks

NXP’s MIFARE products are phenomenally successful in the security ID markets, making them a target for black-market suppliers. NXP diligently works to protect the integrity and safety of their products and the RFID market as a whole. Counterfeit MIFARE products pose substantial risks to end users in sectors such as healthcare, education, hospitality, and access control. These counterfeit chips do not adhere to the stringent security guidelines set by NXP, leading to potential security breaches that compromise the very systems they were meant to protect.

Reputational and Financial Damage

Purchasing and using fake MIFARE products can result in significant risks for buyers, including damage to reputation, lost revenue, legal issues, and loss of customer trust. Additionally, the use of counterfeit products deprives SARS and the South African public of tax revenue that contributes to poverty alleviation and the well-being of our nation.

Industry Recommendations

NXP recommends “phasing out MIFARE Classic” due to known security issues and upgrading to newer technologies. It is equally important to phase out suppliers who cannot guarantee the originality of their products. At Card Technology Services (PTY) Ltd, we only manufacture and sell original OEM chips and cards from reputable sources such as NXP and HID. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our reputation for value, credibility, reliability, and honesty.

Verifying Authenticity

If you are unsure about the authenticity of the products you have purchased, please feel free to contact us. Send us some of your cards, and we will use our NXP Originality Checker to confirm whether your cards are genuine or counterfeit.

Choose Card Technology Services for peace of mind and assurance that you are using only authentic, high-quality MIFARE products.

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