Smart 21 Ribbon

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SMART 21 Ribbon

SMART 21 YMCKO ribbon produces 250 single-sided full-colour card prints. Whether it’s employee IDs, membership cards, or event passes, expect vibrant and professional results.

SMART 21 Monochrome printing is a highly cost-effective method that involves using a single colour for personalizing pre-printed cards. It is the perfect option for non-colour personalization on cards.

The SMART 21 Monochrome ribbon printing is a highly cost-effective method that involves using a single colour for personalizing pre-printed cards printing sharp text and barcodes.

YMCKO Print Ribbons for the Smart 21 Printers: Superior Image Quality for Card Printing

Enhance your card printing with IDP’s Authentic SMART Print Ribbons, tailored for SMART 21/S printers. These colour ribbons offer unmatched image quality, making your cards pop with vivid, accurate colours. This ribbon offers superior premium quality and has a high adhesion to the card. It prints clear and crisp edges and also includes a cleaning roller. You can use the SMART 21s YMCKO ribbon for printing on standard PVC white or pre-printed plastic cards.

IDP’s colour ribbons feature a genuine resin black (K) panel, perfect for printing crisp text and barcodes. They also have a robust varnish (O) panel that covers the card, guarding against dye migration, fading, and abrasions. This protective layer ensures your cards stay in top condition, even with frequent handling.

Utilizing IDP’s Authentic SMART Print Ribbons is essential for optimal print quality and extending your printer’s lifespan. Choose SMART Print Ribbons for card printing that adheres to the utmost standards of quality and longevity.

The YMCKO Colour SMART Ribbon features 5 essential panels, with a 300 DPI resolution, this ribbon guarantees sharp and lifelike prints. It’s ideal for intricate logos, photos, and text.

• Y (Yellow)
• M (Magenta)
• C (Cyan)
• K (Black)
• Overlay

The ribbon’s RFID sticker enables the printer to easily recognize the ribbon, streamlining the user’s experience when changing ribbons and setting up print software and drivers. Additionally, it provides the operator with intelligent usage tracking, keeping them informed of the ribbon’s print count within the printer.

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