SMART 50 – Now replaced with SMART 51S

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ID card printer – SMART 50

The SMART-50 printer is an ideal solution for printing high or low volumes of ID cards.
It is easy to use, lightweight, prints great image quality and although not “cheap” it offers superb value for money. It’s our “workhorse” ID card printer of choice.

INCLUDES Full feature – unrestricted ID card production software.

It’s a precision engineered desktop machine that uses dye-sublimation and thermal ribbon transfer technology to print directly to quality plastic cards. It features and strong stainless steel chassis which provides and strong frame which is particularly suitable to environments which require mobility, such as trade shows and portable card printing applications such as voter ID’s

The base machine is easily upgradable by adding on a duplex flip-over unit which allows for automated dual sided printing. Additional options include a magnetic stripe encoder for magnetic stripe cards and smart card contact and contact-less smart card encoders for wireless RFID cards. It can also have a lamination module added on which allows the printer to apply a government grade level 3 security clear over-laminate patch to the card which will securely lock the print in place making it tamper proof. The difficulty in forging the laminate will add to the security feature of the card.

A benefit of the printer is it’s ability to use the half panel ribbons from SMART which basically allow for only half a card to be printed in colour and the rest in black with full overlay. This saves cost, printing time and the environment by using less. Often the costs savings are enough to justify the costs of full colour pre-printing of the cards which adds to the uniquenes of the cards and security.

Another special ribbon is the UV colour ribbon with which the SMART can print a custom and variable UV image onto the card. This UV feature remains nearly invisible until held under a UV light, at which point it’s florescence makes it visible. Another secure and cost effective solution for this ID card printer.

This makes it ideal for so many applications.

We are confident the SMART-50 will be the perfect solution to your ID card printer applications.

We also offer a full range of RIBBONS and ACCESSORIES for the SMART-50 Series printers at very competitive prices.

SMART-50 series will be a perfect choice for your ID card printer to print membership cards, access control cards, government ID’s, healthcare cards and financial cards.
Experience a real ID card printer.

 Check it out at Wikipedia.

Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions170 x 420 x 195 cm
Options list:

Standard, Add duplex, Add magstripe, Add Lamination

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