Cleaning Kit HDP5000

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Optimize printer performance with HID printer cleaning kits and accessories.

FARGO Card Printer Cleaning Kits include custom cleaning supplies and detailed instructions to keep your FARGO Card Printer running its best.

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Whether you realize it or not, ID card printers are complex devices that operate under tight tolerances and require a clean environment to operate in. If there is any deviation from established tolerances, or cleanliness is not maintained, there is a good chance some type of issue is going to occur. Some issues might just be an annoyance, such as an image that is not as sharp and crisp as it could be. Other issues can be catastrophic, such as when debris gets inside of the printer and contacts the printhead – this situation could potentially damage a pixel on the printhead, resulting in a white line down the length of every card printed on that printer until the printhead is replaced – an expensive, and potentially time consuming, repair.

While some HID FARGO print ribbons come with cleaning rollers, these rollers are only intended to help remove debris from dirty cards and are not sufficient by themselves to keep your printer in good working order. For proper maintenance, cleaning your ID card printer with a HID FARGO Cleaning Kit is required. Good news: cleaning your printer requires minimal cost, time or effort on your part! It is normally as simple as running a few cleaning cards through the card path in the printer and using a “cleaning swab” to clean off the printhead and a few of the rollers in the printer.


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