SD460 Printer

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An all-in-one card printer offering high-quality card printing, card encoding and lamination for increased durability and reliability.

Add more security and authentication to your cards with the optional tactile impression feature by Entrust Datacard.

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Datacard SD460 Smart Card Printer,

Up gradable to include Tactile Embosser and Laminator.  Soon to be discontinued.

Note this printer has been discontinued and is replaced by the Sigma DS2

This all in one card printer offers high quality card printing as well as encoding and lamination.
Lamination of your cards offers a better durability and longer lasting cards, which in turn reduces cost of re-issuing of cards due to wear and tear.
The ability to add more security to your cards with the tactile impression feature is a real benefit to any business or individual looking to secure their cards from counterfeiting and alteration attempts, this will allow you to check the cards authenticity and verify the identity of the user easily and efficiently.


Look no further than the Datacard SD460 card printer to meet all your requirements.

  • Boost card security with the unique and customizable tactile impression feature.
  • Improve the look of your cards and meet stringent standards with the inline de-bower.
  • Increase efficiency with faster throughput and greater reliability.

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