Cleaning Cards (10) Per Pack, SD160, SD260, SP35, SD360, SD460, CE840

R118.45 Includes VAT

  • Made for DATACARD ID Card Printers
  • Cleans Card Tracks and Transport Rollers
  • Double-Sided Isopropyl Alcohol Saturated

Datacard cleaning cards (10 Cards)

The Cleaning Card is an alcohol saturated card that is designed to safely and effectively remove dust, oils and other contaminants from the printer, transport roller, roller path guide and the thermal print heads because plastic cards can have a high static charge and can attract a lot of dust and dirt over time.

To maintain the card printer’s lifespan and performance, we recommend that you use the cleaning card every time a ribbon is changed and more often in dirty environments such as construction sites. Once the Printer is clean you can continue to print amazing quality cards.

These cleaning cards are available for the following Datacard models:

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