CE840 Desktop Card Embosser

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The Datacard CE840 offers embossing, indent printing and magnetic stripe encoding with an optional EMV compliant smart card personalization, making it ideal for lower volume card programs.
CE840 with Single Hopper System (includes magnetic stripe, encryption, locks, indenting, embossing, and topping)

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DATACARD CE840 Card Printer, Embosser and Encoder

This highly secure and advance card printer offers the user excellent high quality full colour and monochrome printing. In addition to printing cards you will have the ability to Emboss your cards with metallic tipping or do indent printing of the card holders details. When coupled with a magnetic stripe encoder you will have a high quality EMV compliant card desktop card printer at your finger tips.

Using the Embossing or Indenting and Magripe encoding features on the Datacard CE840 will add a higher level of security to your cards. Embossing/Indenting is almost impossible to change, forge or remove from a card with our damage to the card, these features also add a classic bank card feel to the finished product.

Using the Datacard CE840 instant issuance system will not only impress your clients but it will also look after your bottom line with its affordability and reliability.
This single hopper desktop card printer, embosser/indent and encoder will increase fraud protection which makes it ideal for Banks, Retailers and other busionesses who want to take their customer engagement to new heights.
  • Impress customers with brilliant, highly secure cards
  • Issue high-quality embossed cards on demand or in low-volume batches
  • Minimize operating expenses and reduce per-card costs with reliable technology
  • Integrate into new or existing card issuing environments
  • Visa and Mastercard security standards are met and protect card stock and supplies with software-activated locks, advanced SSL/TLS encryption, a bolt-down base and Kensington style lock-down bracket, and a concealed output hopper.
  • A password-protected cabinet and non-resettable card counter provides clear audit trails and reporting.

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