ID Strap clip

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ID strap clip

The “old faithful”  ID strap clip.

Quality products made from quality materials. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel the metal spring clip is securely riveted to a high strength vinyl plastic strap.
A snap fit button on the strap allows for the strap to be looped through a slot of any ID card or card holder and fastened.

This fastener is a great and easy solution for a conference, function or something more permanent like a company ID card.

We have quite literally sold millions of these clips into the African market over the past 20 years. They offer incredible value for money as they last and last.
You could find cheaper options, but we warned to carefully compare. They are not all made alike although on a web page they look very similar.
We have seen cheaper clips but the metal is so thin it bends very easily. Also the snap studs of cheaper models often fail.
Either could result in loss of the card which can be a security risk to the organisation.  Also the significant. and unnecessary, hassle and expense of having to re-issue a card.

This is a product we prefer to sell even at a slightly higher price as we are 100% certain it works.

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