Fargo HDP5000, Base Model, Dual Sided, Ethernet & USB

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Fargo HDP5000 is used for printing, encoding and laminating ID cards across a large organization; nothing integrates easier or is more secure than the HDP5000 Card Printer / Encoder.

HID FARGO® HDP5000 ID Card Printer & Encoder Base Model, Dual Sided, Ethernet & USB

HID FARGO HDP5000 caters to government agencies, universities, businesses, and healthcare facilities. This cost-effective and reliable solution utilizes 5th generation retransfer technology, delivering exceptional printing resolution for crisp text and sharp images. HDP5000 offers a unique combination of advanced features and proven reliability.

The FARGO HDP5000 leverages HDP technology for high-quality printing. This innovative process involves creating the image on a film first, then transferring it to the card, resulting in vibrant colours for both single and double-sided IDs. Additionally, the built-in Ethernet connectivity allows seamless integration with your network, making the HDP5000 function just like any other shared printer.

The HDP5000 adapts to your evolving needs. Its flexible design allows you to easily add features like double-sided printing, encoding, and lamination modules to fit your current and future printing requirements.

Professional-Grade Printing: Produce stunning, high-definition IDs and cards on-demand.

Adaptable to Your Needs: Expand functionality with optional features like double-sided printing, single or        double-sided lamination, and various encoding modules to meet your production, durability, and security        requirements.

Uncompromised Security: Ensure the safety of your data with built-in features like password protection, robust AES-256 encryption, resin scramble data protection, and optional locking mechanisms for added peace of mind.

HDP5000 ID Card Printer Key Features

Printing: Single-Side
Print Method: HDP Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer
Resolution: 300 dpi
Print Speed: up to 24 seconds per card / 150 cards per hour (YMC with transfer)
Accepted Card Sizes: CR-80
Warranty: 3 years (printer)*; Lifetime (printhead)*

HDP5000 ID Card Printer Options

• Dual-sided printing
• Single- or dual-sided lamination
• USB 2.0 interface for inline printing and encoding
• Smart card encoding (contact/contactless)
• Magnetic stripe encoding
• Physical locks
• Dual input card hopper 200-card input hopper
• Printer cleaning kit

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