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ID Cards, do we still need them?

Photo ID cards

An ID card is the printed and physical token used to positively identify a person.

An ID card can be a wonderful and easy to use tool if used correctly.

This identification can be done by eye or machine reading. It’s the degree of certainty that changes and this creates the need for more features such as fraud prevention, biometric comparison and password verification, to connect the person to the card and guarantee identification.

ID cards typically feature a colour photo of the users face and details of the user including name, surname and other necessary details relevant to the requirement.
For school cards an ID card can be integrated into a cashless tuckshop environment and school management system to ease processes such as small payment processing and access control. The card can also carry essential information such as allergies and medical conditions which are critical in situations where quick and essential decisions need to be taken Ie. bee stings or other injuries.

Company ID cards.

Most companies need to verify their own employees access into a building and those of their clients and it is often imperative that the accuracy and veracity of the data is quickly and effectively disseminated to the relevant persons. IE the card must be easy to use.
For situations which often require different people to work the potential exists for fake ID’s to be used to gain access to sensitive information or other valuable products. In these environments it is important to apply easy to distinguish yet difficult to forge features such as holograms and other card printing techniques such as guilloche and micro text.

An ID card is relatively easy to create and most are now printed onto PVC cards using dye sublimation desktop card printers such as SMART, Datacard, Fargo and Zebra.

Card Technology Services also offers a bureau service to print photo quality cards for clients. The clients can capture the ID photos using the Android App InstantIDer free of charge. The app automatically sends us the data and we print the cards according to your requirements.

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