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Photo ID cards

ID Cards, do we still need them?

An ID card is the printed and physical token used to positively identify a person. An ID card can be a wonderful and easy to use tool if used correctly. This identification can be done by eye or machine reading. It’s the degree of certainty that changes and this creates the need for more features […]

RFID Smart Card Clear showing chip and antennae

Smart cards made better

Smart cards made professionally in South Africa by us. The smart cards are printed and assembled by us. We make the cards from imported microchips from the worlds leading suppliers.  We stock a wide range of the most popular chips such as Mifare 1k and 4k, EM or Omega, NFC and Temic chips. For detail […]

ID Card Printer

Get your ID Card Printer Now

Need a Hi-Tech, Reliable ID Card Printer? – Purchase Yours Today While there are many ID card printer brands available on the market, one has to choose carefully to ensure that they obtain the right one. Smart ID card printers  provided by companies such as Card Technology Services offer the absolute best in terms product […]

access control cards

Access Cards

Access Cards – RFID security and saving costs. Access cards play an important role in safety and security levels within any company. Access cards are used to record an employee’s or access cards clients personal particulars and grant access to certain areas and information within a business. Access cards are also used to provide clients […]