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The Right Card Solution for You

We print most type of plastic cards. We also distribute card based equipment such as ID card printers, printer ribbons, card holders, lanyards, clips and so much more. Our cards can include advanced anti fraud security card options such as RFID chips, special security inks and design techniques and even custom holographic foils. We believe that our services can answer most of your card needs.

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Proudly South African

Importantly we print and manufacture our cards in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We are a family of over 50 employees and remain committed to the vision of a sustainable and prosperous South Africa. We currently manufacture approximately 15 million cards per year.  Our technical team located in our offices is able to offer advanced remote desktop support to our card printer clients anywhere with an internet connection.

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Since 1989

We're committed to long term relationships. It's easy to say but we really value our clients and try our best to meet all expectations. Our reputation for quality and good value in manufacturing plastic cards has been built on the integrity of more than twenty years of close working relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our team of specialists will cater to your every wish.

How do card printers work

How card printers work

Knowing how card printers work is key to meeting your expectations by understanding the process’ limitations and real life operation. Summary: A card printer uses heat and pressure to stain an image into the card surface and thermally bond resin based ink to the card using a computer. This is how card printers work. Apart […]

Environmental Responsibility

Our Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to minimising our effect on the environment. Through continuous refinement in the way we print and manufacture, we not only comply with relevant environmental legislation but actively seek ways to improve and to safeguard against an adverse environmental impact. Recycling and waste reduction Reclaiming production material waste by regularly recycling PVC, aluminum […]